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For availability and booking, contact The Uptown Six at:

Booking Information

Available in the San Francisco Bay Area and vicinity.

Shows of 1 to 5 hours, tailored to meet your entertainment needs and budget.

Available for weddings and private parties, as well as public performances at your bar or club.

Willing to work with various compensation structures, such as flat rate, percentage of bar sales, percentage of door, or some combination.

The band believes in giving back to the community, and will play free for bona fide charity fundraisers, depending on schedule availability.

Additional Information


The Uptown Six employ professional equipment, including Shure mics and in-ear monitors, an advanced digital mixer, and a sound system with enough power for crowds of 50 to 500 people.

The Uptown Six can supply their own stage lighting, but are happy to simply use the venue’s lighting system if at all practical.  

The Uptown Six will gladly let an opening act use their PA as needed, and will work with the opening act to facilitate a smooth, quick transition between bands.


If at all practical, a member of the band will visit the venue a few weeks in advance to:

  • measure the stage so we can create a stage plot
  • assess power availability and location
  • check location of load-in, doors, and parking
  • generally get a sense of the acoustics and layout of the venue

This is to ensure there are no surprises the night of the show, so the band can concentrate on making great music. The band can provide a plot of planned stage layout and PA technical details to venue personnel as necessary.

Equipment setup will typically begin 2-4 hours before the show, depending on circumstances, to allow time for a good sound check before the audience starts to arrive. However, we can vary our schedule to meet your needs. 


The Uptown Six will list your booking (unless private) on the front page of their web site for a minimum of two weeks before the performance, with a link to your venue website or a facebook page, as appropriate.

The band will use social media, personal marketing and a mailing list of fans to promote the gig for a minimum of two weeks before the performance.
If desired, The Uptown Six will furnish several posters for the venue, promoting their appearance there, and will place posters in other locations likely to be viewed by their fan base and other interested parties.

While it doesn’t seem like a big deal, it would be really nice if you could:

  • List the band as “The Uptown Six” not “Uptown Six” or “The Uptown 6”
  • For any online references, please link to the band’s web site at