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Ruben Scott Allan Andrew Greg Mark
Jobs: keyboards, backing vocals
Favorite Gear: My Hammond XK Pro System (portable B3) and my 88 key Yamaha stage piano. Both of them play really well in their own unique ways. 
Musical Influences: I hear/remember music in my head but not the names of the artists. Maybe this is because of the 70's. Do not select me for your Trivial Pursuit partner. My influences were from growing up in the 60's and 70's listening to both the local and national classic rock scene. Led Zep, Skynyrd, Doobies, the list goes on. Love the blues and latin rock too.
Favorite Food: Anything Mexican or anything seafood. No, make that "see food"...any time I see it I want it. I am not a big fan of fast food (despite my appearance). Sushi...did I mention Sushi?
Favorite Drink: Margarita. Tequilla and I can be good amigos...OLE!
Favorite Movie: Meet the Parents 
Favorite Color: Kazoo....that IS a color, right? Isn't that a color? I mean, they have some strange names for colors anyway. I am staying with my first answer, "Kazoo", that is my final answer.
Blood Type: Red. Sometimes blue, depending on where you see it.
Other Interests: Hard core animal lover (but not in any illegal kind of way); Camping and cruising the lake on a summer's day on my Waverunners; I also enjoy a two-way radio hobby allowing me to make long distant friends in places such as Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania as well as many all over the USA. 
Past Bands: Broadcast; Deja Blues; Lucas Michaels Band; Ultimo Momento; Savor; Batuka; Collett Brothers Band (sit in); Bad Boy Bruce and the Blues Mob.